Need More Energy From Your Coffee?

Always-is-a-time-for-coffee “Don’t count every hour, make every hour count”.  Here at Strong Coffee we are all about making our time count, especially when it comes to coffee.  So when is the best time to go pound town on that vat of brown fire liquid?  It depends…….. dare As much as we want to deny it, most of us love coffee because it contains drugs, thats right kids Drugs Are Really Exciting.  Caffeine affects our bodies in a variety of ways, one of which is our biological rhythms. Chronopharmacology is the study of the interaction of biological rhythms and drug action. One of the most important biological rhythms is your circadian clock. This  24-hour clock alters your physiology and behavior in variety of ways but it can also alter many properties of a drug including drug safety, drug efficacy, and perhaps even drug tolerance. 2401424 The circadian clock in most living things makes it possible for organisms to coordinate their biology and behavior with daily and seasonal changes in the day-night cycle. Circadian clocks are the central mechanisms which drive circadian rhythms. These basic rhythms are preprogrammed into us genetically and although we can mess with our cycles through lifestyle habits, the major factor in their regulation is sunlight. Circadian-Rythms 19gdj3659mlqnpng What the F does this have to do with coffee?  One of the things that this clock controls in humans is the release of the hormone cortisol, which can help make us feel alert and awake. According to some studies, the effects of caffeine consumption at times of peak cortisol levels actually diminishes the effectiveness of the additional stimulation and can cause you to build a tolerance more quickly.  So, the tweaker in all of us begs the question, when should I lace up and hop on that ice pony?  Well again it depends.  Take a look at the charts above and adjust to when the sun comes up where you live.   By adjusting your intake time to coincide with lower coritisol levels you will likely be maximizing the power of your caffeine.  Does this mean you will be any less of party pooper in the wee hours of the morning?  Probably not, that is due to you being a drug addict.  DRINK STRONG COFFEE.   References


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