If You Love Your Coffee Hot, Wait Until You Try Cold Brew. Mind Blown.


Cold brew or cold press refers to the process of steeping coarse-ground beans in room temperature or cold water for an extended period, usually 12 hours or more. The result is a coffee concentrate. Cold brew coffee is not to be confused with iced coffee, which generally refers to coffee that is brewed hot and then chilled by pouring over or adding ice.


Why Temperature Is Important

When we brew coffee, we’re doing a very basic thing: bringing plain water into contact with dried plant materials to impregnate the water with flavor, color and various active substances. Yes impregnate. As water moves into the coffee particles, it dissolves or suspends hundreds of different substances and extracts them from the solids. The temperature of water used to brew coffee depends on the type of beans, the roast of the beans, the age of the roasted coffee and the brewing environment.

If the water is hot, it extracts more rapidly and completely. Hot water also cooks as it extracts, forcing chemical reactions that transform some of the extracted substances into other things, and driving some aroma substances out of the liquid. The common held belief is that coffee’s ideal brewing water temperatures range from 195F to 205F. Above this temperature and you tend to extract too many bitter-tasting components that can ruin the cup and create unpleasant aromas. Below this temperature and you can extract too many perceived sours, limiting the minuscule sugars the ground coffee has to give.

Cold water, in contrast, extracts more slowly and selectively, produces a simpler extract, and doesn’t change the original flavor substances as much. The extended brew time can increase body, sweetness & intensity of the flavors.


Difference In Taste

Cold brew coffee usually tastes sweeter, fruitier and less acidic. This is because the coffee beans in cold brew coffee never come into contact with heated water, which results in producing a different chemical profile. One of the main chemicals limited is chlorogenic acid. The less chlorogenic acid the less bitter the taste. Fatty acids are also not extracted at a high concentration, which contributes to a less salty and bitter tasting cup.  Citric (citrus fruits) and malic (green apples) acids are fully extracted developing the fruity flavor. Sucrose is also extracted in full proportions, which gives cold brew a rich sweetness.  Body-rich coffees (heavy on spices, chocolate notes, etc) tend to do the best in cold coffees. Fruity-acidic coffees also do well because the fruits carry through to the cup while leaving behind the acidity. Some people refer to these brews as “juicy tasting” cups. JUICY.


How To

All you need is pitcher or a jar with a lid and something to strain out the grounds. Combine one cup of coarsely ground beans with four cups of cold water, stir, and let the magic begin(this ratio is up for debate). Cover the pitcher or screw on the lid and let the potion sit for about 12 hours (also up for debate). Next strain it through a fine mesh sieve, or layered cheesecloth. Make sure you put some effort into correctly straining the mixture or you will end up with a mouth full of gritty soup. Unless you want to remove the oils do not use a paper filter.   Or just do the whole thing in your french press. Either way what you will end up with is a coffee concentrate that you can dilute at whatever ratio you like. If you like your coffee hot, add boiling water. If you find that perfect strength cold-brewed mix, but don’t want ice diluting it, freeze the mixture and use coffee ice-cubes. As they melt, the iced-coffee won’t get any weaker.


Strong coffee will be a cold brew company. We plan to offer a variety of flavors in different sizes and different concentrations. To create these flavors we are looking into things like theobromine, which will add a chocolate flavor but has similar effects on the CNS as caffeine while also being an aphrodisiac and a vasodilator. The idea is to only add ingredients that help us achieve the goal of getting shit done in an effective and natural way.





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